We all face stressors in our day-to-day lives that can throw us off balance. Let us transform your home or workspace into a private sanctuary where you can feel safe and at peace in today’s world.

By creating sacred geometry around your living or workplace, peace, harmony, and balance are infused within. This clears all negative influences and creates a high-vibration environment. Your newly dowsed space will become a place where you can thrive.

Dowsing is the ancient art of finding ‘hidden things’.

What is Ascension Dowsing?

Our purpose here on earth is to ascend and to know ourselves as God, as Source; to recognize that we are divine beings.

We support your Ascension path by dowsing your home and environment to correct and clear energetic drains and raise the vibration of your living space by creating an energetic octahedron around the home and property. The octahedron is the sacred geometric shape of harmony and balance. It is a sacred container that aligns with frequencies of infinite love and intelligence. It allows for steadfast grounding as we connect with Source. It is a way to empower ourselves. The center point of the octahedron around the home and property radiates divine unity, harmony, and balance.

The octahedron is a powerful manifestation tool. From the center of the octahedron, the potential exists to co-create rapidly one’s intentions for happiness, success, abundance, and loving relationships.

Ascension dowsing creates a supportive environment for your life's journey.

Our Journey of Ascension Dowsing

We have been practicing the art of dowsing since 2013 when we became certified dowsers. As we have evolved on our own spiritual journeys, our Higher Selves have guided us to create a unique and refined method of dowsing, using sacred geometry and intention to create sacred space. Ascension Dowsing is elegant and simple, yet creates profound changes for the better in one’s environment.

How Does Ascension Dowsing Work?

Dowsing is the ancient art of finding ‘hidden things’. These things can create health or other issues that otherwise do not have a simple explanation. Through dowsing, we can clear these issues and raise the energy level of your living space. We also do our part to help Mother Earth as we are able to clear the negative energies and entities on the land. We are connecting to the crystalline grid around the earth.

What are these ‘hidden things’?

There are many types of ‘hidden things’ that can create interference with us on all levels.

  • Geopathic Stress
  • Negative Hartmann Lines
  • Curry Lines
  • Negative Vortexes
  • Negative Portals
  • Negative Thoughtforms
  • Reactivated Ley Lines
  • Entities
  • Imps
  • Spirit Attachments

There are other types of ‘hidden things’ that can be beneficial for us.

  • Positive Portals,
  • Positive Vortexes
  • Benevolent Beings
  • Guardians

Benefits of Ascension Dowsing

Time and again, people report that once ascension dowsing is complete they feel happier, more energetic and that sleep has improved. Things that were a problem, such as avoiding a certain area are resolved. There is motivation to clear clutter. People report greater harmony and peace in their relationships. They often describe a sense that the overall energy in their homes feels of a higher frequency. Programming your home and property with intention draws the aspects of the sacred geometry together to create a harmonized and balanced environment that is supporting and nurturing.

Work With Us

Ascension Dowsing for Home and Property

No matter where you live in the world, we can provide this dowsing service. Distance Dowsing is a valid energetic modality that can provide the same high level of clearing and healing for your home and property. All that is required is for you to provide your address and a basic plan of your home. If you have a larger property with other buildings, providing that information and a basic plan will help us to ensure that the optimum clearing and healing is created for you. Once we have dowsed the home and property we send a detailed report of the process. We will then get in touch via Zoom to answer any questions and clarify the findings.

We are reminded about the basic physical principles of energy: that energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only be converted in form. We apply the principles of dowsing to create balance and harmony in the home by transmuting the energy to support those living there. As energy knows no boundaries, this can be done in person or by distance. We are no longer bound by prior beliefs that we must be present in-person to affect change.

We are all energetic beings interacting with each other and our environment. As mentioned above, the release of personal spirit attachments is an important part of the dowsing process. As a result, Ascension Dowsing can be a two-part process: part one being the dowsing of your home and property, and the programming of the octahedron; part two being the spirit release and establishing the personal octahedron. We all have unlimited potential to create happy and fulfilled lives. There is such joy in clearing and creating sacred space for ourselves and others. 

Base Price: $450 CAD for home and property. The four-hour process includes the dowsing as well as a detailed report with drawings.

Note: Larger or more complex properties such as commercial properties, condominiums, and acreages with separate buildings take longer to dowse and will be individually assessed. Questions?

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Personal Octahedron

The PO is an energetic container that, once programmed, has many functions. It is a frequency filter that only allows positive high vibrational energy to enter it. It becomes a protection grid against negative entities, spirits, and imps; it becomes a grounding device keeping us firmly rooted to Mother Earth; it becomes a harmonizing container balancing Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies creating Divine Unity within; it holds our gifts and blessings from the past without the negative trauma; it helps keep us in line with our Perfect Path, our Divine Destiny. 

$75 CAD

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Octahedrons and Firewalls for Personal or Work Spaces

Let us set up an octahedron for your classroom, your healing space, your meditation room, your yoga studio, or your workspace. We will also create two Violet Flame firewalls: one for the technology and one for the social media used within this space. The VF firewall is a way of cleansing all personal devices, technology, and web-based sites providing a permanent and high level of protection against any negative forces.

$179 CAD

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Home Octahedron Upgrade

We are pleased to offer an upgrade to our home octahedron programming for previous customers. Through the past year, we have come to recognize other interferences that can affect the energy in the home or property. Some of these are related to the land upon which the house is situated. We can now identify ancient or recent past karma within the land in some areas and have found mass consciousness negative thought forms in the ether above others. The mischievous Imps are becoming more prevalent and can be safely and permanently removed. We are also adding programming using the benevolent Air and Water Dragons for their amazing power to add in the higher energies of Love, Peace, Tolerance, Acceptance, Wisdom, and Healing to the octahedron. We have found that homes need the added protection of a Solar Vortex which helps to remove entities around the home and property. We also now surround and program the octahedrons with Violet Flame Firewalls.

If you are interested in these upgrades to your home or business octahedrons, please contact us. (P.S. All new octahedrons created in 2024 have this additional programming included.)

$59 CAD

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Ascension Dowsing Disclaimer

Dowsing deals with energy flow, energy blocks, electro-magnetic frequencies, geopathic stress, Hartmann and Curry lines of the earth, disturbances in leylines, and more that can affect our general health and well-being when they create negative influences within our homes. We work within the scope of our dowsing practice to help resolve problems that clients wish to address. We are in no way advising replacement of our dowsing services for proper medical consultation, diagnosis, and treatment for all health issues. As well, forces of nature such as flooding, storms, or other natural disasters may affect the integrity of your home and property. There may be these or other situations where it is best to call in a professional for advice on such matters.

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